All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Expert Witness Business

Ask The Expert! - Bring your nursing career to life and to another dimension.

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All the "nuts and bolts" you need!

"I live to help nursing entrepreneurs build their success to another level and help others."

In this program, you will discover and learn:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Why be a nurse expert / nurse expert witness to review and or testify
  • My background (Debbie) and why
  • What you need to have to an expert, part time work or full time if you wish
  • Years of experience of direct hands on care.
  • Preparing your mindset and discipline

Module 2: Technology

  • Computer skills needed, research understanding
  • Access to scholarly journals

Module 3: Client Acquisition

  • Where will I find client, attorneys, what do I need to present to them

Module 4: Preparing a Case

  • Does the case have merit?
  • Materials you will need to review, spreadsheets used
  • Discovery
  • Timeframe turnaround
  • Questions to ask and expectations of a case
  • Written / oral affidavits and opinions

Module 5: Understanding Standard of Nursing Care

  • Standards of situation, resources, association standards, federal, state, local and professional

Module 6: Qualifications for the case

  • Are you the right fit for the case?
  • Is the client / attorney the right fit

Module 7: Fees

  • How are you going to get paid for your services?
  • What are you going to charge?
  • Retainer fees
  • How to bill
  • Expectations for payment, client, insurance companies

Module 8: Mindset to be a nurse expert

  • Discipline needed
  • Good detective skills
  • Ability to problem solve
  • Going to depositions, preparation and how to handle your self
  • Going to trial
  • What to wear for attorney meetings, depositions and trial

Additional information: 

  • Definitions and Resource links.
  • PDFs of sample documents you need for your business, spreadsheets, billing, affidavits - how to write, opinions, discovery letters, record list needed to review a case, discovery information of what is and what isn’t discoverable
  • There will be time to make an online office appointment with me about being a nurse expert.  I am available to support and help you move forward and answer additional questions. 

It's all about the Nursing Standard of Care

Taking your nursing skills to another level to help others.  You become the EXPERT.

Instant Access Now to the Course

Key benefits from this course

  • Take your nursing skills to another level and demension
  • Work  from home
  • Earn extra Income
  • Schedule your own hours
  • Be your own boss
  • Learn as you grow in your nursing skills
  • Pick your clients you like working with and enjoy your work
  • You become the EXPERT!


Be Your Own Boss!


Instant Access Now to the Course