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Where Do I Find Clients for my Nurse Expert Business?

Now that you wish to review medical records as a nurse expert and work with attorneys and other agencies, where do you go to find them so they can find you?   

Finding clients is always a need because no matter what type of business or practice you are in, without clients, you will not have a business or practice of any kind.

One of the best ways to obtain your clients is through word-of-mouth networking. When I began my legal review and consulting, I did a lot of networking with other individuals in the same field but not necessarily other nurses. 

There were attorney groups, advocacy groups, social worker groups, physical therapists, and other health care professionals.

I attended conferences to learn as much as I could about the healthcare industry. There were always groups in the community who needed speakers at luncheons and church groups.

I volunteered to educate the public on various health topics. I spoke to community groups and provided answers to their healthcare questions, concerns, and needs. Nurses are always great educators; we have loads to share and help others in many ways.

Another way to find clients is by monitoring the news. No matter the type of news, it could be print, online, or journal publications, watch for lawsuits and malpractice issues. 

On several occasions, I wrote attorneys who were written up about lawsuits they have filed and won. I wrote these attorneys, introduced myself, and commented on their success on the particular issue.

For example, about 25 years ago, I reached out to a law firm. The firm then contacted me and asked for my CV. Next, they invited me to a face-to-face interview and flew me out of state to their location to meet the attorneys and discuss my background.

I am still reviewing records for this law firm to this day.

Now we all do various types of Internet searches for multiple topics. You can follow a topic such as gynecology, cardiology, long-term care, or whatever your area of expertise is.

You can use word searches and get on the lists for notifications of lawsuits and changes in regulations. 

Another area you may reach out to is your malpractice carrier. Let them know you are available to review cases that may come their way. 

Each state has a juror’s report, and you can watch the court verdicts. In fact, this is how attorneys have reached out to me to review records when they have found me in the court verdicts or deposition lists.  

It’s not always easy to find clients when starting, and nothing will come to your doorstep.

That’s why you need to be proactive, reach out, and let others know you are available for certain areas. If you are not visible, it is hard to be found. 

But you can do it, and it should help to know that attorneys and other types of clients are always looking for help.


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